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Who are we?

Well, before moving further, ‘The Only You’ is a platform, where people can promote their startup and increase their business visibility. This platform is all about you. We are here to share your struggles, success steps, and inspiring stories that can help others to stay determined in their life with today’s evolving and competitive generation. We make people know about your business ideas and the hard times you faced as an entrepreneur or business owner.

Shivani Mishra


Shivani Mishra is the founder of ‘The Only You’. The idea for the inception of this platform was created by her with the motive to boost the confidence of people and inspire them. From her childhood, she used to listen to many stories about successful leaders. Whenever she used to feel bored, she would love to hear about a founder or a struggling story. She completed her M.Com from a prestigious Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda. After her studies, she worked in many companies as a BDE and HR professional but was not able to enjoy the work. Back in her mind, she always wanted to do something which would help other people, especially the youth.

In a brief period, this platform has been built for inspiring people every day with the stories we post here. We will keep on posting stories of different people and their stories by which you can also achieve something in life. The ultimate goal of Miss. Shivani Mishra is to write about a person, who became successful in his/her life, and ‘The Only You’ has been a part of his/her life in the process.

Devang Mishra


Dewang Mishra is the Co-Founder of The Only You. He completed his Mechanical Engineering from ITM Vocational University, Vadodara. Later moved to Canada for further studies. After securing a great score in Humber College, Toronto. He is still working hard with each passing day. From childhood, he was optimistic and always thought to build a great platform where people can share their stories.

Our Motive

Make Awareness of Talent Globally

The world is full of talented people, but do they have enough planning to explore? Their ideas get hindered if they do not receive any positive feedback. ‘The Only You’ is a place where people can consult about their problems and exchange their views with already successful people. Expert advice will be provided to all the genuine talents. Our company acts as a building bridge between budding entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Help Small Business Owners

Ritesh Agarwal, Tilak Mehta, Sreelakshmi Suresh, Trishneet Arora. These are all well known people to us, but are just a few of them from crores of people. There are many talents who don’t get a platform where they can showcase their flair and ideas. It’s time to recognize such talents through some medium. People who start any business, experience tons of problems and sometimes make mistakes. By sharing their hard times to the young entrepreneurs, they can give a positive impact on the forthcoming generation.

Promote Women Empowerment

Women are now not limited to just jobs, but they are also creating successful businesses. A separate page, specially dedicated to the women is developed in which leading business womens share their stories. This helps the females to think about building a business empire from the various skills they possess.

Share Success Stories of Companies to Inspire the Young Generation

Our future is in the hands of today’s youths. They will be carrying the future of the country ahead. It becomes essential to boost their morale so they can achieve big goals and also help in the overall development of the country. They will surely gain confidence by reading the success stories of well-established companies.

Help New Talent to Learn Skills and Share Ideas with Others

Our platform also ensured that any person coming on to the website will learn something new which will help them in their lives. Along with it, we also provide various skill courses, which a person can acquire and use them to fulfill their dreams.

Increase the Reputation of the Company

When people read the struggles and success of the company, they get an in-depth knowledge of the functioning of the company. This directly increases the reputation of the company among the people.

Promoting Foundation and NGO

We not only promote industrialists and companies but also NGOs and founders of NGOs. They all are also an indispensable part of the working culture as their main motive is to help others which upbrings the lives of many people.

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